Universities in West Bengal

Universities in West Bengal in eastern India is a state that offers a lot of centers for learning and creativity. The universities in West Bengal are distributed evenly in the area.

Most of them are run by private organizations, including religious bodies, if not by the government.

Eighteen universities exist in this legacy-rich state. Those who would like to pursue their studies can choose from the wide selection of institutions in this region.

The University of Calcutta is one of the universities in West Bengal. Considered as one of the oldest yet largest public universities in the country, this university has more than 200 colleges in its collection. Another is the University of Kalyani where there are 23 post-graduate courses offered. Over 2000 post-graduate students are enrolled in this institution. Founded formally in the year 1960, Kalyani extends over 400 acres of land.

This dynamic university strives to impart knowledge and upgrade its colleges. Abundant in officers and staffs, they make sure that the learners are well taken care of in terms of education.

The West Bengal University of Health Sciences also adds up to the number of universities in West Bengal. Promoting world-class schooling and training, this university excels in the field of medical sciences all over the state.

Among the programs offered in this institution are Dental Education, Pharmacy Education, Physiotherapy, Nursing Education, Speech Therapy and other related courses. Additional courses have been added in the academic section like Bachelor and Masters of Science in Nursing.

The National Institute of Technology Durgapur is one of the premier institutes in the country of India. This university is devoted to conveying learning in the fields of engineering, managing and practical science.

Education in West Bengal
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Established in the year 1960 under the Act of Indian Parliament, this institute sees to it that they perform well in the educational section. A residential type of organization, they provide accommodation for their students. More than 2000 boys and 400 girls have been under the university’s care.

They offer courses for those who would like to take up a degree in Bio Technology, Chemical and Civil Engineering, as well as Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

Other universities in West Bengal include The Bengal Engineering and Science University, Vidyasagar University, Visva Bharti, the University of Burdwan and the University of North Bengal, which is located at Darjeeling in West Bengal.

This state is certainly stuffed with universities and institutions that provide superior education and learning. This is a favorable move in order to develop a more cultured place and be able to extend the intellectual community towards the pursuit of excellence.


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