Schools in Tamil Nadu

Schools in Tamil Nadu is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. This spectacular place shares a lot of traditional as well as great cultural heritage in various aspects such as dance, craft, art and music that truly attracts many artists in their region.

It is a state significant to India’s tourism facet. But aside from that, this part of the country is also a good education destination.

This manifests on the number of schools in Tamil Nadu. Aside from being proud of its unique features, this state is fully jam packed with well-established institutions that adds beauty to the place.

Some of the schools in Tamil Nadu are endowed with Indian architectures where some have been part of India’s history. Basically, Tamil Nadu is an earliest annals of the pre-Aryan India. Tamilians were said to be the descendants of Dravidian race as well as of the Harappa and the Mohanjo Daro people who came from the North-Western India – these people belongs to the elite society and rich culture. Aryans are the ones that provide these traditional influences, which includes education.

If you want to learn more about the state’s rich culture as well as interesting traditions, enrolling in any schools in Tamil Nadu is a good decision. Students here are well taught of the history considered significance to their state and introduce them to the individuals who have shared and have take part in Tamil Nadu’s history.

Schools in Tamil Nadu is either run by the government or private individuals who are continuing helping children to have a better future by start building their dreams in these schools. So far there are different types of schools in Tamil Nadu. Some of them are run by religious groups or by the government itself.

Plus, there are also huge numbers of residential schools which includes the Kodaikanal International School, Kotagiri Public School, St. Joseph’s Boy’s A. J. Higher Secondary School, The Blue Mountain School, Thriveni Acacemy, The Lawrence School, Sri Sarada Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School for Girls, St. John’s International Residential Schoo, Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram, and Brindavan Public School.

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Among these schools, the most prestigious residential schools in Tamil Nadu include the Brindavan Public School and the Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashkram Kodakainal. The Brindavan School has been in the field of education for almost four decades.

Four decades of helping and nurturing many children to become a more responsible, productive and knowledgeable individuals. This residential a private firm manages school named Bhaktavatsalam Educational Trust, which is an organization that focuses in providing education.

Sri O.V. Alagesan has established such organization in 1958. The institution concentrates on co-curricular/extra-curricular activities as well as academic performance. Other than that, such school offers sports activities and more. Another school to be proud of is the Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram, which is also a residential school, built in the scenic place of Kodakainal in the Southern India.

Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan handles this institution. BVG only accepts limited students and are usually housed in the so-called Niketans where a teacher is assigned to look after them as a warden. This school stressed on the development of the student by also allowing them in various activities. This only manifest that in Tamil Nadu, education is a real treasure.


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