Schools In Assam

Surrounded by the Seven Sister States, School In Assam is one of the most significant northeasts Indian states in India. It is the part of the country that became a piece of the British India.

This state is known for its petroleum resources, silk, tea and its abundant biodiversity. One of its rich aspects is the wildlife and scenic places that add beauty to the place contributing to their tourism.

Aside from its rich culture and breath taking places, education is also one of the good aspects in this state, which manifest on the numerous numbers of schools in Assam.

Education is an important part in this part of the country that is why when it comes to literacy; Assam is one of the good places armed with it. In fact it reaches the 64.28% as the literacy rate.

The center of major learning is Guwahati, which is one of the state’s prides. The schools in Assam is run either by the government or private individuals where all over the years have taken up different measures in order to put up strong foundation of schools in Assam and essentially maintain the good standard of the state’s education aspect.

There are several programs made by the government and some private firms that allow a free as well as compulsory education particularly for the children that age 14 years. Aside from that, the education department has also provided a set of exams for the 10th standard students and also introduced common academic calendar.

With the tremendous monitoring of schools in Assam, quality education has been ensured. But the state is still working on the tribal regions, as majority of the women belonging to tribal groups are illiterate. There are also some programs created for them, convent and residential school students are also free to join.

Education in Assam
Colleges In Assam Assam Education Assam Universities

Most of these institutions are connected to the Secondary & Higher Secondary Education and Assam Council. So far, there are approximately 37, 652, which are known in providing quality education. The mediums of teaching in the schools in Assam are Assamese and English while in some public schools uses Bengali.

Just like any other large states, there are also a lot of famous schools in Assam, which includes the Saint Mary High School, Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School and Army school, DPS Digboi School and more. There are also Catholic Schools like Don Bosco High School, which is run by Salesians of Don Bosco of the Dimapur Province.

This institution is following the teaching method taught by the great educator of youth – St. John Bosco. Schools in Assam has a lot to offer particularly for those students who have set high standards for themselves and for those who wants to learn


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