Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences offers higher education and promotes health sciences in Karnataka state. This university is in Bangalore and is university grant commission approved, but UGC grants are not funded.

However, it is self-contained and there are nearly 276 colleges conducting identical courses such that they are affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University and attain uniform standards in administration and academics.

Rajiv Gandhi University is a unitary set up by the Karnataka government in 1996 so that promotion and regulation of higher education is done in the entire state. This university conducts various courses relating to dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy.

This institution has established regular and routine standards in administration and academics, and has acquired the name after the late Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. Initially, it was in Mysore, but it moved to Bangalore in 1998 and the government of Karnataka took active initiative in moving it to Bangalore city so that more students can avail the facility and emerge successfully.

Educational Streams
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences provides numerous courses in several disciplines. This university is devoted in offering education in Dental, Medical, Pharmacy, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Yoga, Unani and Nursing.

This university facilitates with appropriate infrastructure as well as ambience to its students enabling them to accomplish higher education in the fields of sciences and health. This university offers high equipped laboratories, library, computer labs and facilitates in achieving merits in education. The advantage of on-line results is also provided.

The teaching imparted is taken care that they meet high quality levels so that the future students meet the required standards outside. They prove to be challenging in their core areas and also in other subjects.

Education in Karnataka
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The faculties offered are medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and many more benefit the learners to a very great extent in settling their own clinics. They also can serve various hospitals depending on the timely need.


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