Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi

Indian Agricultural Research Institute is a premier institute for research, extension and education based on agriculture.

This institute has served the society with class research, appropriate technologies and human resources development.

This institute has been improving its plans, programs and policies to respond to the needs effectively.

The scientific disciplines advancement constituted the key programs in early fifties and resulted in fast expansion in all the interactive areas in 1960s and 70s namely in research, extension and education.

Apart from this, applied and commodity research also acquired more importance in the development of unending high yielding varieties of major crops and their related management technologies. All these resulted in the national agricultural and food production such that it was termed as an unprecedented increase.

Academic Syllabus
The academic year is in three trimesters pattern every year maintaining duration of 12 weeks. This session normally starts in the month of August every year. The dates of every academic year trimester are based on the decision of the academic council.

The Ist Trimester is usually between August to November. The IInd Trimester is between December to April and III Trimester is between May to July.

Summer vacation is given during April and May, besides winter break is also given for nearly three weeks. However, all the dates are decided by the Academic council. The teaching days account to 220 days in accordance with the UGC guidelines of having 180 teaching days minimum in a year.

Admission of Students
Indian Agriculture Research Institute admits to Post Graduate School under streams such as Open competition, Departmental Stream, Faculty Upgradation Scheme, Foreign students and I.C.A.R in-service nominees.

Admission procedures and policies are prescribed taking into consideration the distinct requirements and needs of the candidates of each stream.

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This institute is a residential campus comprising of 5 hostels for boys and one for girls, besides one hostel for married students. These hostels are well- furnished and spacious hostels and they also provide indoor games, recreational facilities, hygienic food, book shop, hair dressing salon, etc. Hostel residents are advised to observe the rules strictly

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