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Colleges in Sikkim Located in the Himalayas, Sikkim is the slightest crowded state in India. The name, Sikkim, originated from the Limbu word “Su,” which means “new” and “Khyim,” meaning “palace.”

Rocky and steep slopes surround the area, making it unsuitable for agriculture. However, the people have devised a way to solve this predicament through terrace farming systems.

Farmlands have been created and forests are abundant. Hot springs in Sikkim like Phurchachu, Yumthang, Ralang and Borang have medical benefits.

Averaging from 50˚C, these springs are situated next to riverbanks. Major Indian festivals are celebrated in this state including the Dussera and Diwali Hindu Festivals. In terms of education and learning, Sikkim’s literacy rate is 76.73% for men and 61.46% for women.

The government sponsors most institutions in the state, specifically 1, 545 schools. Private organizations or individuals run the remaining eighteen institutions. A total of twelve colleges in Sikkim offer higher education learning.

Of all the colleges in Sikkim, The Himalayan Pharmacy Institute is the only institution that grants pharmacy courses to individuals. Pharmaceutical Sciences diploma course started in the year 1990 and gave way to the birth of the degree level of the same course in 1997.

They also offer Master’s Degree for Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy from the year 2004 onwards.

Other colleges in Sikkim include Government Degree College in Gangtok, Namchi Degree College, Loyola College of Education and the Damber Singh Degree College. The Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences started accepting students in 2001. This institute opened with only 100 students but now that the Medical Council of India has acclaimed it, large increase in the numbers of learners is expected.

Education in Sikkim
Education In Sikkim Sikkim Schools Sikkim Universities

The Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition in Gangtok is also one of the most prominent colleges in Sikkim. This is a constituent of the National Council for Hotel Management, Catering Technology in New Delhi. Here, they offer Diploma in Cookery for a period of one and a half year.

Students are selected through written exam and passing the personal interview. They also offer Diploma in Food and Beverage Service, Diploma in Front Office or Reception Operation and Diploma in Accommodation Operation, where the participants should be at least 25 years old.

Some colleges in Sikkim are self-financing institutions like the Pakim Paletine College in Pakyong and the Harkmaya College of Education in the city of Deorali. These numerous colleges are developed to aid in the growth of the individuals living in the state. Cultured and literate citizens will eventually lead to the progress of Sikkim.


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