Colleges in Madhya Pradesh

Colleges in Madhya Pradesh is often dubbed as the heart of India because it is located in the center of the country. The state consists of several regions including the plateau region of Malwa and the mountainous Chambal.

Rivers dominate the state causing a subtropical climate. Rich in beautiful architectures, UNESCO has declared three spots in Madhya Pradesh as World Heritage Sites.

The people here belong to two different racial groups and mostly follow the Hindu religion. There are various schools here where one can study and learn.

In 2001, according to the census, the literacy rate is 64.11%. The Department of Higher Education supports the state’s education matters. There are different courses offered at the colleges in Madhya Pradesh.

From specialized to general courses, the state’s colleges proffer architecture, engineering and management courses. Career-oriented programs are also provided such as Diploma in Tourism, Pharmacy and Journalism.

Top colleges in Madhya Pradesh execute their utmost effort to provide superior education. Medical colleges are abundant in India. Among them are the Ruxmaniben Deepchand Gardi Medical College, Netaji Subhash ChAndhra Bose Medical College and the People’s College of Medical Sciences and Research Center.

Another is the Gandhi Medical College where they offer post-graduate courses. Students strictly undergo examinations and interviews before gaining access to the school.

Aside from medical schools, there are also engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh. Over 100 institutions in the state provide the said course alone. Among them are the Aditya College of Technology and Science, College of Agricultural Engineering, Gwalior Engineering College, Institute of Engineering and the Aegis School of Telecommunication.

The latter offers post-graduate studies such as the Masters Program in Telecom Management. Interested students should be eligible graduates of Electronics and Communications, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science course.

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Computer colleges are also numerous in the state where citizens believe that computers are very powerful tools that could definitely improve and aid their own society. The School of Computer Application, Bhartiya Vidya Mandir College of Management and the Hitkarini College of Engineering and Technology all offer excellent computer studies that could help an individual attain brilliant technology orientation.

Others are polytechnic colleges such as the Bhilai Institute of Technology and the Government Central Technical Institute in Gwalior. Women are also given a chance to partake in the education process, as there are colleges in Madhya Pradesh that are exclusively for females.

One of them is the Government Women’s Polytechnic in Bhopal. Here, they provide courses such as Interior Designing, Costume Design and Dress Making as well as Information Technology.

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