Colleges in Delhi

Aside from the wonders of nature, Delhi is also boasts with educational institutions particularly colleges.

Well, when you are looking for an ideal place to pursue higher education, Delhi is the place for you to come. Here you can find range of courses for you to find a stable job.

Here is the list of colleges in Delhi as well as programs they offered. Maulana Azad College is one of India’s premier colleges when it comes to medical programs.

This institution is situated in the heart of Delhi.Maulana is named after the Indian freedom fighter Mulana Abul Kallam Azad. Although many surveys have given it various ranks, however, according to MAMC survey Maulana has always been in the top ten colleges in Delhi.

Maulana offers undergraduate degree such as M.B, B.S. Bachelor of medicine Bachelor of surgery, Bachelor of Nursing, Pharmacy and so on. Maulana is equipped with the modern facilities such as computers x-ray machines, laboratories and other facilities for emergency procedures.

Actually, the attached hospitals serve as the training centers for medical specialties and subspecialties. Every year, students from all over India are coming in this place just to take the college admission test. However, students are required to get a score higher that 99.9 percent to be enrolled in Maulana.

With the good status in the field of education, significant percentage of its alumni are currently working in the U.S and almost 25 percent of the graduates are now in United Kingdom. Enrolling in this intuition can assure high possibility to find job.

Away from the crowded city, you can find another prominent institution. All India Institute of Medical Science is considered as the best public medical colleges and hospital in the country. AIIMS was established in 1956 and situated in New Delhi.

When it comes to medical programs, the institution is recognized for providing medical care globally. In fact, most of the important persons in India such a ministers legislators and judges recognize this Institution as their primary hospital.

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Well, when it comes to educational features, AIMMS also offers range of medical and premedical courses such as BS, Nursing, BS medicine, Bachelor of surgery and so on. Recently, students and various professionals are coming in this place just to study and train from this institution. Becoming one of the professionals from AIIMS is such a good feeling for every student.

Since the numbers of students are increasing every year, there are lots of colleges to be found such as School of Planning and Architecture, Nitajji Institute of Technology and so on. It is there said that in the field of education, students from colleges in Delhi has the cleverness. Colleges in Delhi can give value of every cent you are paying

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